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Developing for
a zero-carbon future.

In a time of constant evolution,
we need an energy revolution

As communities across North America continue to thrive, our energy systems need to mature along with them. Solar developments play an important role in responsibly meeting energy demand, keeping our communities connected, and achieving greater energy independence.


By facilitating solar at a grassroots level, landowners across the country are accelerating wide-spread adoption and leading the charge in the shift to renewable resources, all while earning competitive compensation.

Powering the change we want to see

Shift Solar is more than a business — it is a passion project. Founded from a desire to make green energy more accessible, our work in this space is guided by three values: people, planet, and integrity. We are committed to taking care of each other and the communities where we work, doing the greatest amount of good for the environment, and maintaining integrity in our projects to amplify our impact.

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