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Champions of change

Trusted partners in our greener, cleaner future

Modern farming, traditional values

For thousands of years, farmers have leveraged their intimate knowledge of land and life to sustain communities. With advancements in technology, we now have the ability to harvest the planet's oldest and most powerful resource — the sun — to meet a new, essential need.

The need for reliable and affordable energy.

Landowner partners are integral to creating a future with greater energy access, affordability, and independence. Working alongside owners, we take an honest and transparent approach to developing impactful energy solutions without compromising the integrity of the land on which they sit.

Benefits for Landowners

Steady Income

Long-term reliable income that will diversify your revenue streams 

Fallow Land

Rest and revive farmed land to increase the soil's microbiome for future
farming operations

Leave a Legacy

Your land and energy stewardship will have a meaningful impact on current and future generations

Local Economic Impact

Create jobs and local tax revenue for your community

The Development Process

The development process and timeline will look a little different for each project, but here is what you can typically expect:

Phase 1: Identification and Land Leasing (1-2 months)
The Shift Solar team will evaluate your land and come up with a competitive lease rate for your area. If you wish to move forward, you will review and sign an Option to Lease Agreement.

Phase 2: Development (6-24 months)
We collaborate with local utilities, community representatives, neighbours, and permitting authorities in order to get approval to build the solar farm. We also conduct environmental studies and wildlife surveys to help us understand and mitigate our impact.

Phase 3: Construction (12-18 months)
In close consultation with you, we construct a non-intrusive solar development that minimizes and mitigates the impact to the land and the environment.

Phase 4: Operations and Maintenance (up to 40 years)
We take care of long-term operations and maintenance of the solar development which requires very little on-site presence.

Phase 5: Decommissioning (18 months)

Once the facility has reached end of life, the equipment will be removed and the land will be restored to its pre-project condition. This may include measures such as reseeding and re-tiling. 

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